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11 reasons behind an olfactory disorder . Here are ways to treat an olfactory disorder

 11 reasons behind an olfactory disorder . Here are ways to treat an olfactory disorder

During the recent period, loss of the sense of smell was associated with symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus, which made people who suffer from olfactory disorder believe that they have Covid 19.

In the following report, the "consultant" reviews everything related to olfactory disorder in isolation from the emerging corona virus, according to what was reported by the National Institutes of Health "NIH" website.

People who suffer from disorders of the sense of smell usually experience either a decrease in their ability to smell or a change in the way they perceive smells, and they include: - Decreased sense of smell: which is the inability to detect smells. Loss of smell sense: It is the loss of the complete ability to smell odors, and there are some rare cases that may be born without the sense of smell, and it is called congenital anemia. - Smell stumbling: It is the feeling of smelling an odor that is not present. What causes smell disorders? Smelling disorders have many causes, and some are more obvious than others, and most people who develop a smell disorder suffer from disease or injury recently, and common causes include Smell disorders include the following: 1- Aging 

2- Sinus and upper respiratory tract infections 3- Smoking 4- Growth in the nasal cavities 5- Exposure to head injury 6- Hormonal disorders.

7- Exposure to dental health problems 8- Exposure to certain chemicals such as pesticides and solvents.9- Receiving many medications, including some antibiotics and common antihistamines 10- Exposure to radiation therapy for head and neck cancer 11- Having health problems Affecting the nervous system, such as Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease.

Also read: Other than Corona .. There are multiple reasons behind losing the sense of smell The effect of smell disorders on life? Your sense of smell helps you enjoy life, you may rejoice in the scent of your favorite foods or the scent of your favorite flowers. Your sense of smell is also a warning system that alerts you to signs The danger, such as a gas leak, spoiled food, or fire. It is natural that any health problem with the sense of smell can have a negative impact on lifestyle, as it can indicate the presence of more serious health problems.

Diagnosis is made through a physical examination of the ears, nose, and throat, in addition to reviewing the patient's health history, such as exposure to toxic chemicals or exposure to injury, and there is also a smell test that is divided into two methods, as some tests are designed to measure the least amount of smell that a person can detect Another common test consists of a paper booklet of pages containing small beads full of specific smells, and asking people to scratch each page and identify the smell, if they are unable to smell or identify the smell incorrectly, this may indicate an odor disorder or Impairment in the ability to smell.Treatment of olfactory disorders Diagnosis by a doctor is important to determine the cause of an olfactory disorder and being able to treat it, and it includes the following: 1- In the event that the cause is due to receiving a specific drug, it is necessary to speak to your doctor to find out if it is reduced The dose or change of the drug can reduce its effect on your sense of smell. 2- The cause may be due to the emergence of benign tumors that restrict airflow in the nose, usually through surgical intervention to remove them and restore the sense of smell. 3- There is a problem. Z people who automatically regain their ability to smell for no apparent reason.