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Broken nose

 Broken nose

Hasnaa Al-Shimi wrote: Despite the flexibility of the front of the nose, the bony part that tops it, known as the "nose bridge", may be exposed to the risk of fracture, which leads to suffering from some unpleasant symptoms, which may amount to difficulty breathing. In the following report, the causes, symptoms and treatment of a nasal fracture, according to Dr. Wael Ghanem, a consultant plastic surgeon, and assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, and according to the sites "Healthline" and "Webmd". The causes of a fracture of the nose There are different life situations that may affect the nose. By fracture, as a result of hitting the face to the ground or subjecting it to a strong bruise, most notably: - exposure to a traffic accident. - fistfight. - practicing contact sports, such as football or martial arts. Symptoms of nasal fracture - severe pain in the nose, which becomes more severe when Touching it. - A curvature of the nose. - Swelling of the nose and the surrounding area. - Bruising around the nose or eye, which usually disappear within 2 or 3 days at most. - Nosebleeds. - Blockage of the nose. - Runny nose.

- Difficulty breathing. Also read: How can you stop nosebleeds in just 5 minutes? First aid for a broken nose - Sit and bend forward, to control nosebleeds, taking into account breathing through the mouth. - Apply an ice pack after placing it in a clean piece of cloth on the nose - To relieve pain and reduce swelling. - Take analgesic medicines, to relieve pain. - After the swelling has disappeared, you must visit the specialist doctor, to respond to the broken nose within 48 hours, to prevent the fracture from healing wrongly. How to respond to the broken nose? The doctor gives the patient a local anesthetic, Then the nose is opened with a flat performance called a "endoscope", and then another performance is used to align the broken bones and cartilage in their places. After that, a stent is placed from the outside, to ensure that the nose is properly healed, and the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to a patient, to prevent his infection. Wrong nasal fracture: In the event that the nasal fracture heals incorrectly, the doctor has to wait 6 months before performing a rhinoplasty, to restore the bones to their correct position, and the patient must choose a doctor who specializes in rhinoplasty, so as not to damage the sense of smell after surgery or Has difficulty breathing. It may matter to you: When to wait Procedures to be followed before a fractured rhinoplasty The patient undergoes an X-ray before rhinoplasty to determine the nature of the fracture and its effect on the functions of the nose, in addition to a 3D imaging procedure to visualize the shape of the nose after the operation. - Giving the patient a total anesthetic .- Fracturing the nasal bones that healed incorrectly. - Returning the nasal bones to their correct position. - In some cases, the doctor uses cartilages from the ear or ribs to repair the deformed nose. Necessary procedures after a broken rhinoplasty - Putting an external brace for a period of time. Two weeks or an internal and external brace for 3 weeks, in order to ensure that the shape of the nose is kept natural .- Avoid sleeping on one side of the body or abdomen, as it is preferable to lie on the back, while raising the upper part of the body at an angle of 45 degrees, to prevent nasal deviation. Cold under the eyes, to avoid swelling.- Not to wear glasses, whether medical or sunglasses, so as not to leave a trace on the skin.- Gently massage the nose for 3 months.