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So as not to have skin problems . Conditions for obtaining vitamin D from the sun. Sunlight

 So as not to have skin problems . Conditions for obtaining vitamin D from the sun. Sunlight

The sun is one of the best natural sources for obtaining vitamin D, as the skin absorbs sunlight, and then the body can produce this vitamin on its own, but exposure to ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer, infections and burns.

There are some conditions and procedures that must be followed when exposed to sunlight to obtain vitamin D and prevent any skin problem, according to the "Health Line" site.

The duration of sun exposure

You should stand in the sun only for 10-30 minutes, to be repeated 3 times a week, and people with darker skin should be exposed for a longer period.

And take care to apply sunscreen to the skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, in order to prevent any burns, redness, inflammation, or other problems.

The best times of sun exposure

You should be exposed to the sun in the early morning and afternoon, and you should stay away from sun exposure from 11 to 3 pm, in order to obtain vitamin D without any skin problems.

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The right clothes

It is recommended to wear light clothing that allows sunlight to reach the skin, take care to wear a hat on the head to prevent sunstroke, and to use sunglasses to avoid exposure to eye diseases, and it is preferable not to cover the arms and legs (from knee to foot) with any clothing.

The best places

It is not possible to get vitamin D from sunlight when sitting behind closed glass windows, but you should be in large, sunny places such as clubs and beaches.

In the winter, exposure to the sun should be as much as possible, with foods rich in vitamin D such as eggs, sardines and red meat.